A brewing legacy

A brewing legacy

Small batch in the big house

AC Golden is a small batch brewery nestled within the walls of the Coors brewery in Golden, CO. Named in tribute to our founding brewmaster and eternal entrepreneur, Adolph Coors, the thought behind our brewery was originally to carve out a space that gave our brewers enough runway to invent, explore, and roll up their sleeves to do what they do best – brew exceptional beers that have a story to share. Whether a revival of Coors legacy beers, or letting their imaginations run free, we know there’s a beer in our family of brands for everyone.

Our beers


AC Golden Juicy IPA

This pack is a juicy tour of the New West. There’s something for everyone: 4 Juicy Tropical IPAs, 4 Juicy Double IPAs, and 4 Juicy Hazy IPAs all stacked in one limited edition pack. These beers are bursting with big, incredibly juicy hop flavor and low bitterness. Made with 0% fruit juice! That’s right 0%! Get ‘em before they’re gone.

Availability: Mixed 12-pk

Colorado Native

Colorado Native

Colorado Native Beers are not just any beers, they are made with only Colorado ingredients. That’s right. Only Colorado hops, grains, water, and yeast. Ones that you can only find in Colorado. Beers that can only be called Colorado Native.

Now brewing over 13 varieties and counting.

Availability: Select brands available on draft, 6pk, Mixed 12-pk

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Batch 19

Created by Adolph Coors. Banned by Prohibition.
The recipe that inspired Batch 19 was lost for decades. Now, over a hundred years later, this pre-prohibition style lager is brewed legally with a unique combination of noble hops and malts. It’s liquid proof that, eventually, the right side wins.

Availability: Available on draft, AC Golden Trilogy 12pk

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Barmen Pilsner

Barmen Pilsner

In 1847, Adolph Coors was born in the small European town of Barmen, where he learned the old ways of brewing crisp, clean German lagers that left no room for error but plenty for celebration.

In honor of his unrelenting passion for brewing pristine beers that brought friends together, we give you Barmen Pilsner. First served on tap over 20 years ago, seven minutes at a time, this Colorado legend gives you a chance to experience the beer as the original style intended. So grab a glass, pour slowly, and cherish the experience.

Availability: Available on draft in select accounts, AC Golden Trilogy 12pk

Herman Joseph's

Herman Joseph’s

Born of German heritage dating back to 1868, each small brew begins with a slow and easy 120-minute boil. Select ingredients are added at the precise moment to build its taste complexities. Each brew is then chilled to 1 degree Celsius and allowed to rest for weeks on end. This Chill-lagering develops each Herman Joseph’s Private Reserve brew into a perfect balanced, deep golden lager that is appreciated for its distinctive qualities and unmistakable crisp, clean finish. Because of the extra time required to brew, age and package this rare beer, it takes longer to craft Herman Joseph’s Private Reserve. We believe you will agree... it’s worth the wait.

Availability: Available on draft in select accounts